The work consists of limited palettes which metaphorically mimic the aspects of a closed society. I employ these limitations in a way that places parameters upon the work, the same as unjust limitations have been placed upon humanity. Walls have been created since mankind's inception, as part of shelters, barriers, as a demarcation between two objects or beings. These works are created in the form of walls and consider all that has come before us historically.
Through the use of printed matter, repetition, political slogans, media and literary influences an ironic narrative is created. Image and words become compartmentalized by the use of framing and cropping. When repetition is used it is as a static component. The image has lost all value and needs to be re-enforced in order to regain its significance. Figures when included are mere silhouettes, a metaphor for those without a voice, as many of the populace have become. These silhouettes are taken from situations that require no explanation and transcend cultural barriers, a universal body language is the common ground of communication.
My process of art making employs similar or simulated means of mass production, the same as our capital industries. These industries have created a society of consumers with an appetite for excess, the paintings are full of excess; words printed and painted over and over until almost all coherence is lost. What remains are fragments like small sound bytes that are sampled from songs and cast into a new work. A cut and paste, an oleo of cultural media collected and recast on the canvas. My work is that of a history painter and there may be confusion contained within the framework, but these are confusing times.
Group Exhibitions

2012 Pertaining to Character curated by Michelle Levy, One Art Space, NY, NY
BECA Foundation. Future Forward, New Orleans, LA. 2010
Bayside Historical Society, 9th Annual. Fort Totten, NY. 2009
New York Studio School benefit auction NY, NY 2008
Bayside Historical Society, 8th Annual Summer Exhibition, Fort Totten, NY. 2008
Masur Museum, 35th Juried Competition, Monroe, LA. 2008
Open Competition, NCC Firehouse Gallery. 2008
Eva?s Restaurant, NYSS at Eva?s, NY, NY. 2008
New York Studio School Benefit Auction. NY, NY. 2007
Eva?s Restaurant, Group Show, NY, NY. 2007
Open Competition, NCC Firehouse Gallery. 2007
Works in Progress Show, Hamilton Hall, University of the Arts, Phila., PA. 2006
Faculty/Alumni Connections, Hutchins Gallery, Brookville, NY. 2005
Regeneration, Second Avenue Firehouse Gallery, Bay Shore, NY. 2005
Light Effects, NCC Firehouse Gallery, Award of Excellence 2004
Blue Heart, Curated by Ray Neufeld, C. W. Post Sculpture Building Gallery. 2003
Small Works, NCC Firehouse Gallery. 2003
Student Art Exhibition, NCC Firehouse Gallery, Award of Excellence. 2003
Student Art Exhibition, NCC Firehouse Gallery. 2002

Solo/Two person Exhibitions

Wall paintings Chris Esposito and Amber Dubois. AES Gallery, L.I.C., NY 2009
Future Now, Second Avenue Firehouse Gallery, BayShore N.Y. 2006
Down Here on the Ground, Thesis Exhibition, ASL Gallery, LIU Brookville, NY 2004
On/Off the Wall, C. W. Post Sculpture Building Gallery. 2004


Chris Esposito was born and resides in New York City.
Before becoming fully engaged in the visual arts he was a member of numerous bands notably The Arturos and Beyond Reach.
The latter of which recorded and never finished nor released it first album Snakedancing.
An early career in the graphic arts and an interest in printmaking finally gave into painting.
Mostly self taught with some early mentoring from older colleagues
he later earned a BFA from Long island University and has worked at the NYSS and Church st.

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Songs 1-7 recorded 1988/89
Chris Esposito Guitar and vocals
Andrew Taylor Guitar and vocals
Giovanni Fusco Drums, Percussion and Piano
Rob Rivera Bass
Rick Lussier Piano on Restless

Songs 8 & 9 recorded 2001
Chris Esposito Guitar and vocals
Andrew Taylor Guitar
Mike Sawaya Drums

All songs written and copyrighted Chris Esposito